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Hey, I make stuff but I probably will never put them on here because yea. It's all on my youtubes. No wait I added something. Scratch that. If anyone wants to play with me on steam or xbox, feel free to add me: LasciviousGork (for both)

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LasciviousGork's News

Posted by LasciviousGork - June 10th, 2014



And also I made this.


Posted by LasciviousGork - March 29th, 2014

So I haven't posted anything new in a long while. There's many reasons for it, but no one is gonna wanna hear about it. Let's write something interesting.


In an estimated 2-4 months into the future, I plan on getting some life shit worked out. Finishing school, getting a steady job, and aquiring a new place of residence. If I successfully accomplish those goals, then I could focus my free time on music much less stressed.


In addition, I'll be making a new alias to post my music by. I won't say the name yet for the sake of not jinxing myself. So no more music will get posted here, but when I get the first song going for it I'll be posting a link here.


Stay tunededededed.

Posted by LasciviousGork - January 14th, 2014

So as my album collection thing is in some kind of work, I am offering to do any sort of foley work for free. Can be for anything and is really to get experience in audio mixing. I own a H1 Zoom mic, an audio interface, various instruments and have access to Pro Tools 10, Audition, Music Maker 6, and Audacity. PM me if interested.

Posted by LasciviousGork - October 11th, 2013

After recently finishing a couple songs, I feel ready to start putting things together and finally making my first album (it'll be free). I'm more confident in singing and will soon be getting a SM 57 microphone to properly record my amplifier so I can stop using my old H1 Zoom. I've also been wanting to have a real drummer play to a song or two of mine on the album because the old BOSS drumpad I got doesn't cut it when I want a real drumset sound.

Here's a list of the songs I want to put on this album. Some I've already posted here and some are either not finished or haven't gotten past the lyrics stage:

Broadcast [posted]

Calm Black Sky

Dark Matter [demo posted]

Exploding Tiger Hearts

Brain Garden [posted]

Haven't Felt This Way [posted]

Guardian Angel [posted, will possibly be redone]

Old Friend [posted]

Insides Out

The Butterflies [posted]

The End [posted]

The list will be updated when songs are finished or if I add more songs to it.

*Edit: This will take a while as I deal with college and work on new songs. The lack of a decent midi feature on my music editor is forcing me to find a drummer.

*Edit 2: The official name of the album will be HARVEST. 5 songs have been completed.

Posted by LasciviousGork - September 9th, 2013

A new video game video.

Posted by LasciviousGork - May 26th, 2013

The last short film from us for a while. This time Sean looks for a video game that'll immerse him in ways he's never seen.

Posted by LasciviousGork - May 14th, 2013

My final project I did for my film class. We were supposed to explain the scientific, psychological, and cultural aspects of a color we choose.

But I chose otherwise. Enjoy.

Posted by LasciviousGork - April 20th, 2013

A dramatic visualization of the song "The End" and the poem of the same name that I made.

I've always wanted to do something with this song. Now I finally got the idea and the will to do so.
This time around I use some new techniques with custom titles and some interesting cinematography.

It's also very much recommended to watch this in HD and in fullscreen to get a better look at the titles.

Posted by LasciviousGork - March 26th, 2013

My first and very well executed attempt at a horror film that I'm extremely proud of. Take a gander.

Posted by LasciviousGork - March 18th, 2013

Got bored on day in Minecraft. Here's a short random video that came from it.