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The movement of the racist bassist was fucking gold

That was a trip.

My nips are pretty offensive too

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Fucking yes I love you for making this exist.

This is really fun. Very well designed levels. The multiple routes to destroy each dragon makes it easy on you to navigate but remains challenging to activate traps at the right times. The variety of level elements keeps it fresh and forces me to plan on how I'm going to kill the dragons in later levels, which gets addicting for me quickly.

A con though is that when you deplete the dragon's life it skips the rest of the section and shoots you to a checkpoint. Makes me feel like the rest of that section was a waste, but I guess it's a trade-off when you have multiple routes and some people might skip many of the traps.

I didn't really pay attention to much of the story. I just pretended this was a precursor to Icy Tower and had fun with it.

It took me too long to realized what this actually was. Dammit.

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All of this is why I come here. This song and the comment below me. An artist's musical recreation of himself and people's efforts to interpret it. It's all too easy to get immersed into another person's world here and it's fucking magical. I love it and I'm sticking around to hear more.

Pretty good.

It put me in a relaxed sleep and made my mind wonder. An exploration piece.

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Thanks man.

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Isn't childhood trauma fun?

Looks like a potential album cover.

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Nah. Just me messing around with an old photo of my father.

woa man u shuld like do animatons or sumthin

Hey, I make stuff but I probably will never put them on here because yea. It's all on my youtubes. No wait I added something. Scratch that. If anyone wants to play with me on steam or xbox, feel free to add me: LasciviousGork (for both)

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