Math Homework - A Horror Film

2013-03-26 22:29:32 by LasciviousGork

My first and very well executed attempt at a horror film that I'm extremely proud of. Take a gander.


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2013-03-27 03:22:13

Not bad for a first film! I'd say my main critique is that the shot transitions are a bit jarring and could be improved.

Also maybe some more subtle ambient music during the parts that you don't have music. Putting it n subtly won't clash with the other sounds and set the mood, and then for the parts where creepy stuff happens maybe change it a bit or even just insert silence. Silence used well is very creepy.

LasciviousGork responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I definitely have little things I could of done better. Unfortunately this was a school project and the film had to fit into a specific amount of time (which was 4 minutes, so I majorly screwed up on that).

I think I should have had some background audio going on during the silent parts, like a TV playing in the background to break the silence. I did purposely chose not to have music during those parts. There were subtle drones at certain parts to make things more tense, though.

And because the "homework" was the big climax to the buildup, I made the music sound like a cheesy "80's horror movie soundtrack." The concept of the film wasn't supposed to be scary, but I did want it to be a well executed production.